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What people are saying about Chuck and his BBQ Store!

Great local business. They’ve got your Traeger pellets @ a fair price and while you might be able to find some cheaper at Ross or on special somewhere, this guy is Small-Business Americana! I called the telephone number after hours and received a return phone call (AFTER HOURS)! He actually helped diagnose a problem I was having with my Traeger over the phone and WAS CORRECT! I’ve been fighting one issue with my Traeger for 2 years, reading forums, trying all sorts of different things. Chuck fixed it over the phone! Give them some business!
– Erik F.
Chuck and his son were wonderful.  They were mostly interested in getting me up and cooking again. They really listened to me and took care of all of my concerns.  They really know their product line, Traeger!
– Kathy L.
Smoked this turkey on the Big Green Egg I bought from Chuck. Best turkey I’ve had! I did a 24hr brine based on a BGE recipe and it was amazing. I think I’m going to have to smoke another one soon!
– William Garrison
I just wanted to say thank you Chuck for your excellent service. Your boys brought our steer traeger back to life this evening. Lazarus! It is 20 yrs old. My dad’s. Yes I have been bbqing but nothing like I can do now with new fan motor, auger motor and digital guage. THANKYOU! So happy and so is my Traeger Steer! Whoop! Whoop! Anyone needing Traeger help will be referred to Chucks….Love ya!
– Georgette Tucker Lantz
I came into chucks bbq store last night with some questions about traegers. Chuck was very traeger savvy and answered my million questions (found out he actually works for traeger for his day job). I ended up buying one on the spot because I felt so comfortable with chuck and my new traeger. Great buying experience and would recommend to anyone considering a traeger or bbq.
– Adam Craig
10 out of 5 stars. Chuck was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He gave me very helpful tips and treated me like a friend on my first visit. He earned a loyal customer out of me as long as He’s in business even though he is across town. Highly recommend him if you are either a seasoned traeger user or just starting out like me and need to know how to even turn it on properly. Odd hours, but well worth it. Just go visit Chuck. That’s the best advise i can give!
– Chris Dittman

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