About Us


Chuck’s BBQ Store is a family-owned business founded by Chuck Ries in October 2013. Chuck was a dedicated Traeger employee for years, and is an expert on all things Traeger. Chuck not only sells new Traeger Grills, he also repairs them if they are in need of a little TLC. Chuck has all replacement parts available for the “do-it-yourselfer”. He will even make “house calls” to get your Traeger up and running, without you ever leaving your home! Besides Traeger Grills, Chuck also offers The Big Green Egg, CanCooker, a selection of seasonings, BBQ sauces, marinades, and various other grilling accessories.

Chuck has found Traeger Wood Pellet Grills to be an excellent and very versatile product. You can do everything on a Traeger: grilling, smoking, and baking. You can cook literally anything to perfection, from cookies to smoked salmon. Chuck is a true Traeger believer and stands behind this product 100%. In all his years of traveling though the U.S. doing demos and trade shows for Traeger, Chuck has yet to meet someone who didn’t “love” their Traeger and use it on a regular basis throughout the year.  He still believes everyone will own a Traeger one day, and to help make that happen he decided to open Chuck’s BBQ Store in Keizer, Oregon.